The Perfect Coffee Company is committed to keep up traditions and to accelerate through innovation. It is most fascinating for us to create products and services from the combination of both, the coffee industry’s sophisticated traditions and forward-moving innovations.


We strongly believe in building quality. Coffee Farming, Roasting, Grinding, Brewing and Creating Products has a long and rich history. We use the best traditional crafting and technics to purvey the highest quality coffee products and services.



Our aim is to provide a unique, delightful coffee experience with every cup! In order to succeed we have been developing coffee blends, beverages, recipes and packaging as well as brewing methods, coffee machines and finance models for our customers – all dedicated for the conditions of each market. To mention two of our unique developments for the East African Markets: First, our single-serve coffee systems which allows to create world-class coffees and teas with little skills only, total accountability and fixed profit margin per beverage. It essentially contributes to operate a prosperous coffee business. Second, our PAYS Program which gives our customers financial flexibility. The customer can operate with our coffee machines for a service charge per month plus coffee/tea purchases from us and if the customer purchases more than a certain quantity of coffee/tea products from in one month, even the service charge does not apply. A lot of customer used this opportunity to start or improve coffee business with us and we are very proud of the trust in us.